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CREW Network recognizes that the commercial real estate sector encompasses a wide array of industries and disciplines

That’s why we offer a variety of membership levels – we want to welcome a broad spectrum of CRE professionals into our network.

We do have a few requirements to maintain the integrity of our affiliation:

  • You must be currently involved in a substantially full-time professional position with primary responsibilities in one or more categories of qualified commercial real estate disciplines as outlined by CREW Network.
  • You must maintain the highest of professional and ethical standards.
  • Your membership with CREW Vancouver must be in good standing.
  • Your application must include a reference letter from a professional with whom you have had business dealings. This individual must have no less than five (5) years’ experience in the commercial real estate industry. The reference letter should confirm your professional responsibilities as well as the number of years of experience that you have in the commercial real estate industry. 

Membership Levels

  • Full Member - at least five years’ experience in a qualified CRE category
  • Associate Member - more than two, but less than five years’ experience in a qualified CRE category
  • Affiliate Member – members employed in a field related to CRE which benefits, supports or supplies a service or product to CRE professionals (eg. contractors, furnishings, landscaping, marketing/PR, etc.)

Membership Dues

The annual membership fee is CAD $400 for the calendar year.

Member applications received from July 15th onward receive the half-year rate of CAD $250. Please note that mid-year memberships expire in February of the following year.

Payment of dues will be processed upon approval of your application by the Board of Directors and member benefits will commence upon full payment of dues.

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