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About CREW Vancouver

Connecting Vancouver’s commercial real estate industry to advance women leaders

Supporting the growth and success of professional women in the CRE industry is what we’re all about

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Ashley Willard-Bauman

President, Beyond The Buildings

Crystal Stus

Director, Branding & Marketing, Alta West Capital

Karena Selnar

Director, Business Development, Omicron

Kristen Cheung

Senior Manager, Audit, KPMG

Michelle Roundell

Client Relationship Leader, Gensler

Michelle Yung

Associate, Bennett Jones

Tina Lu

Director of Retail Investments, QuadReal

Maryam Bagheri

Director of Acquisitions & Capital Markets, Replay Destinations

Cindy MacMillan

Senior Director, Asset Management, Anthem Properties

Lauren MacKinnon

COO, Glotman Simpson

Joanna Chua

Investment Manager, Grosvenor


Whether you’re just starting out in the industry or are a seasoned leader in CRE, we would love to have you join CREW Vancouver.

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