Membership Spotlight: Vivian Chong

Monday, Jun 24, 2024

Vivian Chong, Development Manager, QuadReal

How did you first become interested in pursuing a career in real estate development? Was there a specific moment or experience that sparked your interest?Headshot Vivian Chong

I have always had an interest in design and placemaking. My background is in architecture, which initially shaped my professional path. When I decided to make a career pivot and was introduced to an opportunity in real estate development through a friend, I saw it as a new, engaging way to shape communities and contribute to their growth.

How do you stay motivated during challenging or mundane tasks?

During challenging or mundane tasks, I stay motivated by finding something within the task that genuinely interests me. Rather than focusing on my strengths, I find it helpful to identify what sparks my curiosity and excitement. By connecting the task to my broader values, interests, and goals, I can maintain a sense of purpose, which helps me push through and stay productive.

How do you continue learning and growing both personally and professionally as you progress in your career?

I continue to learn and grow by actively engaging with industry networks like CREW. Beyond just attending events, I try to connect with my peers on a deeper level, gaining new insights from their experiences. Volunteering with the 2024 CREW Network Convention Marketing Committee has been particularly impactful, as it has allowed me to contribute in new, unique ways outside my traditional role. I also appreciate the supportive and collaborative environment that CREW fosters regardless of your role or skill set.

What advice would you give to someone who eventually wants to be where you are?

Given my own path to development, I would encourage maintaining an openness to a variety of projects, tasks, opportunities and experiences—even those that don’t directly relate to development. Thinking outside the box can provide you with a stronger portfolio of industry and soft skills, whether you are following a more traditional path or are making a career pivot.

I also highly encourage finding mentors who truly believe in you and will advocate for your growth. Whether they are external connections or within your organization, having someone who can provide honest feedback and advice will be vital to your growth and success, no matter what stage of your career you are in.

What was the last good book you read/podcast you listened to/movie you saw?

A podcast I’ve been enjoying recently is “Ologies” hosted by Alie Ward. Each episode dives into different topics such as neurobiology, ecology, and even more niche subjects – hence the series title. I love being introduced to topics I wouldn’t typically encounter in my daily work. It’s a fantastic way for me to unwind and stay curious about the world around me. The host is also very well-spoken, which makes even the most complex subjects accessible and engaging.