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Volunteering is a fun and meaningful way to broaden your professional network and develop personal relationships

You will also hone your leadership skills and learn about different facets of the commercial real estate industry. 

We ask our board members to commit to the following:

  1. A minimum two (2) year term in your role. This commitment allows CREW to establish consistency in our leadership, operations and provides for greater success as an organization.
  2. Attendance of all board meetings. We understand volunteer time is extra-curricular and busy schedules an make volunteer time commitments a challenge; however, we ask that by accepting a board member role that you commit to attend all board meetings.
  3. Commitment to engagement and communication. During your time on the CREW Vancouver Board, you’ll play a large role in helping shape the success of our chapter. We ask that you commit to engagement and clear communication, including the timely turnaround of actioning tasks + responding to emails and phone calls. This commitment also extends to the leadership of your committee, providing mentorship, support and successful succession planning within the committee and board.

Thank you for your interest in serving on the CREW Vancouver Board of Directors

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